The Conclusion and Implementation of EU Free Trade Agreements. Constitutional Challenges

Dirigé par Isabelle Bosse-Platière et Cécile Rapoport, cet ouvrage vient de paraître chez Edward Elgar (décembre 2019).
The Conclusion and Implementation of EU Free Trade Agreements. Constitutional Challenges
  • Isabelle Bosse-Platière est professeur à l'Université de Rennes 1 et directrice de l'IODE
  • Cécile Rapoport est professeure à l'Université de Rennes 1, membre junior de l’Institut universitaire de France et membre de l'IODE

Cet ouvrage a été élaboré dans le cadre du programme européen LAwTTIP en partenariat avec l'université de Bologne et le King's College London.


In recent years, the EU has negotiated a number of so-called ‘new generation’ free trade agreements (FTAs) with a significant number of emerging and industrialized partners, such as Canada, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and others. This timely book gives an overview of the main constitutional issues the EU faces in negotiating, concluding and implementing these FTAs.

Featuring contributions by international specialists on EU external action, this book demonstrates why these FTAs have become challenging for the EU, as well as analysing how the EU has dealt with its institutional constraints in order to remain a major international trade actor. Chapters first examine questions around EU competences and democratic issues raised by these agreements, before dealing with their implementation and enforcement, approaching these topics specifically from an EU law perspective. Drawing on a broader research project conducted by the well-regarded LAwTTIP network, this invaluable book addresses contemporary debates and future challenges for EU institutions and Member States.

Scholars and advanced students of international economic relations and international and European economic law, particularly those with an interest in EU external action, will find this book essential reading. It will also prove useful to those working in EU institutions and WTO administration.

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J. Auvret-Finck, I. Bosse-Platière, F. Casolari, E. Castellarin, F. Castillo De La Torre, M. Chamon, L.-M. Chauvel, A. de Nanteuil, J.F. Delile, M. Gatti, E. Neframi, N. Neuwahl, C. Rapoport, G. Sangiuolo, A. Suse, C. Tovo, W. Weiß, J. Wouters

BOSSE-PLATIÈRE I., RAPOPORT C. (dir.), The conclusion and Implementation of EU Free Trade Agreements. Constitutional Challenges, Londres, E. Elgar, 2019, 328 p.