Private Health Insurance and the European Union

Dirigé par Cyril Benoît, Marion Del Sol et Philippe Martin, cet ouvrage est paru chez Palgrave Macmillan en décembre 2020.
Couverture Private Health  Insurance

Directeurs de l'ouvrage


Research has paid little attention to date on how European Union law and regulation affect both the public-private mix in healthcare and the organization of private health insurance as an industry. Filling this gap, this collective book provides insights on the political economy of EU insurance regulation, its impact on private health insurers and on its interactions with domestic healthcare policy-making in four countries. Assembling original contributions drafted by a multidisciplinary team, Private Health Insurance and the European Union offers a thorough examination of a largely unrecognized source of EU influence in healthcare – and sheds a new light on the role played by private actors in social policy.

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