The Environment, Global Changes and Natural Resources

Axis members, private and public environmental law specialists focus their research on the analysis of four transverse issues.
Axe Environnement

Decline of biodiversity and ecosystem services, climate changes, overexploitation of natural resources (…), the extent of environmental effects are profound and they strongly influence companies and their legal response.

Sustainability, Coherence, and Socio-ecological Transitions (Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy)

This research analyses the process of integration of environmental protection requirements in the public policies (agriculture, fisheries, energy, health, development cooperation, trade and competition) and the various branches of law (rural law, energy law, public health law, and competition law). Research concerns also socio-ecological transitions of production and consumption methods towards a sustainable development.

Normative Pluralism, Solidarity and Governance

This research examines the advent of new forms of public and private regulations and stakeholders’ interactions on the implementation of legal rules in the environmental field. Research is part of comparative law and normative pluralism and it appreciates the transformations generated by the law of the environment about values and concepts coming from the judicial system (human rights, democracy, solidarity/equity and justice, present and future generations, heritage).

Security, Health and Environmental Risks

This research analyses the variety of legal systems (prevention/caution, responsibilities, repairing/compensation) towards public health and environmental risks on the basis of security requirements.

Law, Environmental Science, and Dynamic Aspects of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service

Research involves integrated improvement process and scientific data in the environmental law application and training. This research, with an interdisciplinary approach, focuses on emerging and controversial scientific subjects – nanotechnologies, ecosystem services, ecological continuity, and adaptation to global warming – in the fields of biodiversity, global changes and natural resources.