European Integration

This research focus endeavours to bring together researchers from the IODE research institute (Western Institute: Law and Europe) who wish to work on European Integration, whether they are specialists in this topic or researchers interested in other topics but placing a European dimension on their work.
Axe Intégration européenne

Integration Process

This issue refers to the analysis of legal and especially institutional mechanisms, and of the integration process in Europe (European institutions, sources and means of producing law, reports between legal systems, European democracy, etc.). Within this framework, research in the field of comparative regional integration law is also being developed.

European Union (EU) External Action

From an institutional point of view, this mainly concerns the analysis of the legal framework of EU external action in the world (powers, procedures, relationship between the EU legal system and the world order) and conventional or unilateral instruments, whether formal or informal, governing relations between the EU and third States and its participation in international organisations. From a material point of view, it concerns developing a systemic analysis of EU external policies (trade, development, humanitarian aid, foreign policy and security) and its internal policies in their external dimension.

Economic, social and territorial integration of the European Union

This dimension of integration analysis refers mainly to research relative to EU market legislation (internal market and competition) as well as the analysis of European social legislation and more broadly, the EU’s economic, social and territorial cohesion policies.

European Integration and the Digital Society

This concerns the analysis of legal issues raised by the development of the digital society, such as they are understood by European leglislation.