A Presentation of the Western Institute of Law and Europe (IODE)

“A legal research opened towards past, present, and future”

IODE: a Joint Research Unit in Law

IODE is a research laboratory in law with the status of a joint research unit (Unité Mixte de Recherche) and a dual reporting line: on the one hand, the Rennes 1 University and on the other hand, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).

The Institute employs 3 CNRS researchers, 57 teacher-researchers linked to the CNRS, 78 joint researchers and 91 doctoral students.

Two Complementary Research Programs

Research activity deploys within IODE, two complementary research programs that tend to reinforce one another.

The current research efforts are aimed at contributing to reflections as well as perspectives on key societal concerns. That is the case, in particular, for research based on environmental challenges, technological evolutions or different impacts of globalization – the European Union role in global governance, future civil law responsibility, legal services flows… One of the key assets of IODE in conducting its research studies consists in an effective presence of its researchers covering a wide range of legal fields: from legal historians to European public and private law specialists. Another major asset includes methodological aspects and develops multidisciplinary approaches whenever they are scientifically relevant – bioethics, ICT, environment…– to respond to all project proposals and place jobs in an international and European perspective.

Research studies also tend to develop a real competence in various fields of law thanks to systematic assessments in substantive law and perspective reflections resulting from these analyses. For those purposes, IODE relies on a wide range of its teamwork skills: human rights, liability law, social security and welfare rights, criminal law, property rights, institutional rights and European Union frameworks, fundamental rights.

Five lines of research activities

The research activity is focused on five themes which have been revised in 2016: the European Integration Process – Social Security and Property Rights – Environment, Global Change and Natural Resources – Responsibility and Legal Security – Theory and History of Legal Systems. It has also developed a cross-theme research in certain fields, such as in new digital environment.