Responsibility and Security

This component, based on four different themes, contributes to multidisciplinary projects shared with the other components.
Axe Responsabilité et sécurité

Research Themes

IODE’s Responsibility and Security component is based on four different own research themes – two traditional and one new – while also contributing to multidisciplinary projects shared with researchers from the laboratory’s other research components:

  • Professional Responsibilities
    This concerns fostering interactions of the component with its economic and social environment by dealing with the civil liability of practitioners in law (notaries, lawyers, etc.), real estate and construction, health, etc. by mobilizing different vectors of research: collective reports in reference journals (JCP N), joint events with practitioners, the filing of projects and the hosting of foreign researchers.
  • Civil Liability, Insurance and Compensation
    This sub-component differs from the former as it focuses on the phenomenon of the socialisation of risks, which is allowed by private but also public insurance (guarantee funds).
    > The research conducted intends to prioritise comparative law first and foremost through events and bilateral exchanges and strong participation in research groups such as GRERCA (European Research Group on Responsibility and Insurance), whose work has led to a collection being published by Éditions Bruylant. IODE is one of the co-founders of GRERCA and hosts its website.
    > Secondly, by its very objective, compensation law allows researchers working on the Responsibility and Security component to take part in interdisciplinary projects on the status of victims, in conjunction with neuroscientists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, etc. Since its creation, IODE has been part of the ANR project entitled “Equipex Matrice” (analysing the effects of trauma on memory) and later joined the “13-Novembre” project (support for victims of terrorism). This association is reflected in the organisation of seminars and international colloquia, whose proceedings are published in an own collection (Éditions Hermann), and in the engagement of PhD students focusing their work on victims’ rights.
  •  Real Estate and Property
    This sub-component, which is part of the reorganisation of IODE’s research priorities, recognises the continuous development of individual research, now deserving of collective organisation, in this area. The Real Estate and Property theme will serve as a basis for the challenges of this research in construction law, co-ownership law, tax law, etc. and will fuel reflection on rural law, private environmental law, responsibility and security of stakeholders and property and their implications in patrimonial family law. Property in this case refers to the broader meaning of what is constructed and not constructed, such as land, woods and forests.
  • Responsibility, Freedom and Security in Cyberspace
    The new-found freedom opened up by cyberspace inevitably calls into question the themes of security and responsibility that are connected to it. The issues of securing data transmitted, of risk attribution linked to the development of blockchains and the intervention of numerous digital operators all require renewed reflection in terms of those liable for responsibility, the type of prejudice that could be caused and the insurance guarantees available. This reflection must be led in a multidisciplinary manner and involve legal experts, IT specialists and sociologists around the creation of a trustworthy digital space.

Based on the strength of its expertise acquired to date, the Responsibility and Security component is finally proving to be of support to the Law, Digital Technology and Sciences unit and to projects launched within IODE, with a dimension that is both civil and criminal.